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Local search is the heart and soul of this business.
Affordable seo that’s effective is easier said than done. You can count on us to give your business the same care and attention to detail spent on our own. We’ll stay abreast of new listing features to help you stay ahead of the game.

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We're a few dedicated people, not automated bots, and we take your search engine optimization and listings seriously. Having us help you optimize your listings, then continuously recheck your status is the best SEO defense available. After all, the local search landscape is not stable.

Actionable Checklist Reporting

Ever wish someone would cut to the chase and make a straightforward list of what needs fixing, what's important, and how to do it?
You're going to love our SEO, security, and web presence checklists. A single place for all your most important SEO tasks and reminders.

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You don’t need expensive, confusing solutions to get noticed.
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We dig deep and get to know your business. Then we’ll help set up and improve your local SEO. Our timely reporting tells you when to update or add new content. Save yourself weeks of work for only $549. You’ll move ahead quickly.

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5 star affordable local search
"The list Von gave me after her audits was excellent. Nice to have it all in one place and I can work on it when I have time. She set me up with listings in places I didn't think of and keeps track of them too. I'm a fairly new agent and busy so appreciate the help in getting noticed."
seo for realtors local search
Leandra D.
5 star affordable local search
"I use Von for SEO now but also my website was built years ago and it was out of date. There were too many things wrong for me to handle or try to learn about so I did a custom contract with her to clean everything up. I'm proud of it now and for sure it helps with referrals."
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Mark G.
Fitness Trainer
5 star affordable local search
"I did a strategy session with Von. What an eye opener. She had so much to share, including new lead and revenue sources, half of which I didn't even know existed. Also using the monthly SEO service to make sure when people are looking for design help I'm easily found."
interior design seo ideas google help
Meredith R.
Interior Designer

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