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No Contract. Cancel Anytime.
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We’re serious. No obligation, no contract. If you need to stop your monthly SEO program, just call or write and we’ll take are of it right away and make sure you’re not billed again. We’re easy to get in touch with, and won’t try to talk you into services you don’t want or need. Our number one goal is that you are better off after you work with us than you were before. Reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Our Straightforward Process

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When you click SIGN ME UP you'll be on your way to helping people find you.

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We collect your login ids, web property details, and set up your account.

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Your site code, online presence, citations, and site security are investigated.

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You provide missing data for monitored items and we update your SEO.


We track and report on 29 super important SEO impact zones.

All Services - What to Expect After You Sign Up

  • Onboarding Email

    Within 24 hours you'll receive your first onboarding email. This email will give you a handy spot to see all the steps in our process so you know what to expect. Feel free to give us a ring or write if you have any unanswered questions.

  • Secure Google Sheet Access

    You'll receive an invitation to a Google spreadsheet. The document is shared only with you! You'll give us logins and passwords to a few website management accounts, and tell us more about your business.

  • Welcome Gift

    Once we receive your spreadsheet with all the data completed, we'll visit your business Facebook page and use our business pages to give you a little Welcome to Early Bird SEO gift. 10 new followers. 🙂

  • Quick Launch

    We'll pour over everything you've shared and get to work. I we're doing setup you'll get lots of confirmations and request emails so that we can get you set up quickly all the places you need to be. Your quick response is an essential part of getting you up to speed and more visible to potential customers. If you're doing it; same thing, watch for emails from us or your citation sources and don't delay getting things cleaned up.

Local Search & SEO Monitoring - Here's How We'll Help Each Other

  • Do I Need SEO Setup?

    If you are confident that you are on top of the optimization of your Internet presence, and only want us give you enhancement advice, monitor and report on them, you are welcome to skip onboarding. You'll still get all the great actionable reporting in every category including the places we only share with clients. Our SEO setup fee is really low for the amount of time and effort we spend initiating and updating your listings and getting to know your business. We are happy to skip it if you are.

  • Setup Fee Includes a 14 Day Setup Window

    After you've completed your Google info sheet, we'll use your insights and details to begin our audits and reporting. We'll send you a list of needed items, and give you a 14 day period of help with setup and execution. For example, you'll share photos, website content and other things for us to use to build or enhance your listings. As a bonus, you'll also get lots of feedback on other things that are impacting your seo. This will be the beginning of a beautiful thing...after your setup period, we'll start monitoring your online presence ongoingly and remind you to make changes and updates when you would benefit from them.

  • Optimization of Google, Bing, and Yelp

    We'll assume you already have listings in these key places for exposure, but it's ok if you don't. We'll either give you advice, or if you purchased setup also help you with establishing your primary citations so you'll benefit from doing it the best way. Google, Bing, and Yelp make up the core of most online presence, but optimization is key.

    What We'll Do
    We'll examine these core listings for missing features and optimization tricks you might not know. We'll look at the listings of your competitors too just to make sure we're not missing a thing. We'll make a list of the missing pieces and send them to you. There are so many things to check for, it's highly unlikely your listings are perfectly optimized. New features and verifications are a bit tricky to navigate sometimes so we'll be there if you need us or manage that part of the process if you chose setup help.

    What You'll Do
    You'll provide MORE images, feature text, and some interesting field-fills that you might not have considered without the proper nudge. If you chose setup help we'll input these for you, or you'll do it with our guidance. You'll also be the only one who interacts with your customers; whether potential or already doing business with you. Each new month there's room for improvement in your citations and the ranking that they bring because your own status will change, new competitors and challenges will arise, and new features will become available. We'll let you know when your attention is needed for an update or change.

  • Exposure in 6 Important Places You Probably Aren't

    There are a few places of special Internet real estate that can be optimized and used in ways businesses might not consider. They aren't technically secrets, just places many businesses have a misunderstanding of the value, or aren't using properly. If built out correctly, these channels can be an exciting source of new traffic and referrals.

    What We'll Do
    We'll check your listings in 6 places we only share with clients, but that we consider essential sources of new traffic. Then, we'll help you or guide you to build the essence of your listing if you're not there yet. If you're already in these special spots we'll tell you what's missing or remains to be optimized to get the most leads. Once these areas have been updated with any new content you provide, they become part of your monitoring program. We'll watch out for and share changes, new features and errors so you don't have to, and then send you a list of things to do.

    What You'll Do
    You'll provide images, some basic content, add new "triggers" (secret sauce we can't share here), and update your listings or allow us to if you chose setup. You'll also be responsible for all interaction with your potential and existing customers. Instead of you having to constantly comb and monitor your many citations and web presence places, we'll send you checklists and error reports, so you'll know when it's time to dive back in and update or change something. Just like Google, Bing, and Yelp, you are ultimately in charge of keeping your listings current and using the features we share.

  • ADVANCED Error, Omission, Action & Opportunity Reporting

    Our reporting covers wayyyy more than just the listings we're monitoring. You'll get clear and actionable lists of things you need to fix, and helpful updates about things you might be missing.

    What We'll Do
    Your online presence is monitored for changes, and when we spot something we flag it and add it to an action/error report. Your report will be sent when a few things build up so you aren't bombarded with emails. If we encounter an extreme issue we will do our best to notify you quickly. Our reporting will also share new features of the places you're posted, point out long-term trouble spots, and give a bit of advice on how to improve. We aren't perfect, and won't catch every single thing, but there's a very good chance your listings and seo will be getting many more times the attention than you were giving them.

    What You'll Do
    You'll probably want to treat our reports of errors, actions, and omissions as a to-do list. When you have a moment, knock out a few items. If you get stuck you can always ask us for help. Our hourly rate to help out with things not part of our monthly SEO advice and monitoring relationship are much cheaper and easier than trying to figure it out yourself.

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