Worst 3 Local Search SEO Mistakes

These Local Search Mistakes Can Sink Your Presence

Knock Them Out or Let Us Do It...You'll Sleep Better

Here are a few things that you simply MUST take care of, whether you use our service or not. Ignoring the basics is so detrimental at this point in search engine history, that you are giving your competitors a HUGE leg up if you don’t act quickly to recover lost ground. So…time to grin and bear it. Here are the most common seo mistakes small businesses (and large) make on a regular basis.

Mistake - NO Page Title Tags or Page Meta Descriptions

Your title tags and page meta descriptions give signals to search engines that indicate your relevance to a searcher’s quest, and what they should display in your “snippet” if they show a page in your site as a result. Even with meta data, they will show what they want but you DON’T want to mess this up!

HOW-TO: Some themes give you a place on every page to add this info. into two custom fields. If you don’t have that option, you can install an seo plugin, set it up, define your seo parameters, then begin entering keyword relevant titles and descriptions. 

Fix your home page immediately, then work on others right after. Each page should be unique with a focus on attracting a click with compelling copy, while accurately describing the content of that page. When you’re done log into Google Search Console and initiate a Fetch to help expedite the bot revisiting your website. 

Don’t want to take this on? We can add meta data for you.

Ranking Home Page for a Topic Keywordgood site meta description for keyword

Ranking non-Home Page for a Topic Keyword Phrase
local search seo mistakes no meta description

Search Result 175  Likely Due to Meta local search seo mistake bad meta description

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Mistake - NOT Optimizing EVERY SINGLE THING for Local Search

Small business local search optimization is an absolutely critical task if you want customers to find you. You need to be all the places people expect you when they go looking, and fresh in their minds when it’s time for a referral as well.

This means knowing where to be and for each online citation making sure you’ve done your best to have a well-rounded informative presence.

HOW-TO: Start with Google, then move on to Bing and Yelp. Do your research and start reading about where else you should be for your industry.

Now it’s time to get creative; where should you be that you wouldn’t even consider or wrote off as not important? (Hint…we know this stuff and bet your competitors don’t.)

For all the places you decide to put in an effort, use every feature, and every tip, and execute them. It’s not hard; but it’s extremely time consuming.

If you don’t have the time or inclination, you’re a good candidate for our monthly SEO monitoring.

You won’t get out of ALL the work, but you also won’t have to learn SEO and you will have lots of help being everywhere you should be without figuring it out yourself.

We can set up and monitor your SEO and citations.

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Mistake - NO SSL Certficate or Padlock

If you don’t have the little lock in front of your domain name this “attackers” warning greets people on their 1st visit to your website. Google is dinging you big time for this, making people click advanced options and agree to visit an unsafe website. Never allow this to happen!

HOW-TO: Some hosts offer this for free, or for a small monthly fee. Log in to your host, check your options, download or buy, then install on your WordPress platform.

You may need a plugin or hard coding dependent on your host, builder, and theme.