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Your Google Snippets / Meta Descriptions are Super Important

Tell Google and Bing What You're About
Tell Traffic Why to Click

Your meta description helps Google decide what to say about you in the little “snippet” of text below your website or web page url. A huge factor of whether or not you get a click is if the searcher (maybe your potential customer) thinks your description is interesting enough to leave the search results page.

A boring or non-existent snippet means few clicks, no matter how well you rank for a keyword. If you do nothing else today, fix the meta descriptions on your website. It’s not difficult, but requires quite a bit of time and a good basic understanding of keyword research. To do this yourself, check our Top SEO Mistakes page for a few tips. If you aren’t going to take this on, get some help. We’re reasonable and fast.

Easy...Fix Your Meta and You'll Improve Your Traffic

good website meta descriptions better traffic

How Meta Descriptions Work

Google and Bing want to satisfy a searcher’s SEARCH INTENT. This means they show results related to WHY someone did a search. Those results appear in the form of a url followed by a “snippet” of text.

To create this they use either your meta description or some text from the particular page when you are displayed in their search results. It’s up to them which, so make sure your meta and your page content reflect the keyword you are trying to rank for and are stated in a compelling way. If not, even if you get impressions, you probably won’t get clicks.

Good Example of Meta Description for a Website Topic Keywordsite meta description for keyword

Good Example Internal Page Meta Description for Keyword Phrase site meta phrase keyword ranking

Website Meta Description Setup


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You’ll maintain complete control and responsibility for the page content of your website. You may update your page content before we begin work if there are additional keywords or features you’d like to highlight before we assign the meta descriptions.

Thank you. We look forward to helping you.

Ready for Your Snippets to Attract Clicks?

First step is an email to you with a confirmation and request for for your wordpress admin login details. Meta work is typically completed within 72 hours after receiving your account details so watch for an email with instructions. Please let us know if you are in a special rush and we’ll do what we can to move you up in the que.

More Details - If you don't need meta description help, here's how to do it yourself.

Your page title is what you type when you create a page, and is reflected in the slug you use as the url extender to make it part of your website. The meta description isn’t quite as obvious but for each page in your site, regardless of platform, there’s an area (sometimes hidden) where the page meta description wording can be added.

For WordPress, it’s easiest to use an SEO plugin like Rank Math, then add all of your SEO settings in their on-page widgets. For Wix, seo is built in, and you’ll go to the “show more”  icon of each page and see fields to change page titles and descriptions. Click for Google Help Article

For each page in your site, choose a relevant keyword or keyword phrase, then write a description that you think does a good job of covering these three basics.
1. the keyword or keyword phrase you want to be found for
2. what your page has to offer
3. click-worthy wording

Now get started…this is super important stuff. 🙂