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Local Search Engine Marketing and Optimization for Small Business
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Custom Actionable SEO Support & Ongoing Advice

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Let's Work Together

We can begin your local search engine optimization right away.
Google, Bing and other citations can take WEEKS to get updates and changes verified so time is of the essence.

As a client you’ll benefit from exclusive insights into which search and SEO optimization activities give you the most bang for your buck without all the confusion and hassle of learning about it and doing it yourself.

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Local Search & SEO Monitoring


     SEO setup $549 (optional)

If you’d like to ADD SEO SETUP visit that page after you order your monthly service, and place a new order. (one-time $549 fee)

Thank you. We look forward to helping you.

5 star affordable local search
"Von's service is less expensive and was easy to get started with. I passed on some business details and logins and in two days she was helping me get everything in place online. Now she sends me monthly emails of things I forgot to do LOL."
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Mary A.
Home Staging
5 star affordable local search
"My dad does custom porch additions and was relying on word of mouth. Early Bird SEO helped us figure out where people were looking for referrals, and how to look more like a real business online. It's been a good relationship and worth the money."
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Nate W.
Custom Screen Rooms
5 star affordable local search
"I didn't even know where to start figuring out how to do seo for the spa. Von checked everything about my online presence and told me which parts she'd fix and what I could do to help. I am a monthly subscriber now too."
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Lucia R.
Wellness Spa

A Note About Our Billing Practices

When you choose our SEO plan you’ll be billed $129 for your your first month of maintenance.
Each month thereafter your ongoing help and monitoring services will be auto-billed at $129.
You may cancel at anytime.

We’ll get in touch within 24 hours of payment to do setup paperwork.
This will include access to a secure Google sheet that will house your account logins and passwords, and allow you to answer a series of questions to help us get you up to speed with your local search and SEO quickly.

Thank You! We look forward to getting to know you and your business.

*Our SEO Setup is a Genuine Bargain but We’re HAPPY to WAIVE It
If you think you’re good to go you can sign up but SKIP the Setup Service. You’ll still get everything else + guidance on how to optimize your listings yourself. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the other help and guidance we offer…our onboarding analysis, assessment of your current local search seo status, a starter version of our  opportunity audit reporting, access to our insights on 6 more places we think you’ll get customers, reminders about all the ways you haven’t optimized your accounts, plus the monthly monitoring service. What you’re missing out on is help with hands-on optimizing of all 9 accounts but we’ll still tell you what to do so you can do it yourself and save the $549. If this works for you, just choose the plan above and SETUP is WAIVED. 🙂

Saying YES to Setup Services
If you’d like to HAVE Setup Services, here’s why it’s actually a bargain…What takes us 20+ hours would likely take you twice as long. When you consider the time required to collect your information, review your business goals, then work to get you set up, listed, verified, and optimized in the places you need to be, you’ll start to think hmmm…so inexpensive! Even if you’re already set up we are willing to bet you’re not optimized. Almost no one is using all the features that search engines and listing services offer. Don’t feel bad, it’s really hard to keep up with if seo isn’t your primary business. We’ll tell you how to do that for sure; but if you also want help, this is the plan for you. Your first priority is probably helping your customers. If you opt in to SETUP INCLUDED when we send you the email offer, you’ll have 14 days to use our helpers to set up or update your citations. A good head start, before you take over. 🙂