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Not Your Typical SEO Audit
We Dig Deep and Find Problems You Didn't Know Were Hurting Sales

Let Us Tell You About Missed Marketing Opportunities and What's Wrong with Your SEO
So You Can Fix It or Get Help

Don’t you wish someone would just tell you what’s wrong? You know you need help, it’s just tough to figure out where you’d benefit most. The world of local search, Internet security, website compliance, and web quality standards is confusing. No obligation, no contract. We point out all the little pieces and parts missing or lacking optimization so you have a road map to move forward with. Then you can decide what you’d like to fix yourself, and where you’d appreciate a bit of experienced support.

You're Missing Free Traffic

Don’t resort to ads until you’ve checked everything else. A few of the most common local search seo and website quality mistakes can mean you miss free opportunities to attract new business. Low hanging fruit!

There are so many things you need to be on point to make sure that every piece of local search traffic at least has the chance to see your business or brand.

Here are a few of the most problematic and common shortfalls in good local website seo, security, presence, and compliance:

NO SSL Certificate Padlock
POOR or MISSING Meta Descriptions
MISSING Business Listings
POORLY Optimized Citations
BAD Mobile Friendly Rating
POOR Image Optimization
404 Errors and Broken Links
MISSING Site Pages in Search Results
MISSING Legal Pages
POOR Legal Compliance
MISSING or Hard to Find Contact Info
LACK of Testimonials
MISSING Social Connections

Start By Identifying Opportunities

It seems overwhelming but having a good solid starting place is an important first step to correcting issues. You don’t have to fix everything all at once, but use our reporting to figure out what to focus on first. You’re busy, let us help you get started right away. Some really simple fixes can get you miles ahead of where you are today.

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SEO Audit & Opportunity ✓ List

$289 or FREE*

You’ll gain lots of insight into your business, with helpful links on how to fix things. If you decide you’d like some help taking care of the more important findings, we’re here for that too.

Thank you. We look forward to helping you.

Ready to Stop Worrying About What's Wrong?

SEO & Opportunity work is typically completed within 72 hours after receiving your account details so watch for an email with instructions. Please let us know if you are in a special rush and we’ll do what we can to move you up in the que.

More Details - Starter Version SEO Audit & Opportunity & ✓ List is FREE to Our Monthly SEO Monitoring Customers

It takes several hours to compile your custom report and give you valuable insights into your online presence. Each of our Local Search & SEO Help monitoring package customers receive a Starter Version of these insights for free. 🙂 Google offers excellent tools to start the audit discovery process. We use those tools and several proprietary auditing tools as well as our marketing opportunity insights experience to do a much more thorough job. Plus Google doesn’t tell you what to do about it…they just let you know a little bit about what’s wrong.