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An SSL Certificate is represented by the little padlock and the HTTPS that appear before your website url in a browser. SSL is a MUST HAVE. It protects  a visitor to your website by confirming that your site is offering encryption and a secure connection between their browser and your website host’s server. Every time someone tries to visit your site and instead is blocked by a scary message like “Warning Your Connection is Not Private” or “Attackers May Be Trying to Steal Your Data” it’s a missed opportunity to connect with a potential customer.

If you’d like to tackle this yourself, take a look at our Top SEO Mistakes page for a few tips. If you aren’t interested in learning how, or don’t have time to SSL in place on your website, please get help as soon as possible.

Make Your Website HTTPS Safe Right Away

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Sign up today and we’ll get in touch and start helping. Our one-time ssl install service can potentially save you thousands in lost lead gen and sales opportunities.

You need an https url and the accompanying ssl padlock showing that you’ve installed an SSL certificate on your website.

This isn’t an optional thing if you expect to do well in your local search marketing and local search seo ranking.

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Website SSL Certificate Setup


       one-time fee

You’ll be responsible for future renewals of your SSL certificate. This is usually quarterly, and free. Renewals are an easy process that you take care of via your hosting platform.

Thank you. We look forward to helping you.

Let's Get Started with Your SSL Certificate Help and Get Rid of Warnings

We’ll help you get your SSL certificate right away. First step is an email to you with a confirmation and request for for your wordpress admin and host login details. SSL work is typically completed within 72 hours after receiving your account details so watch for an email with instructions. Please don’t let another potential customer see a hacker or attacker warning on your no ssl website.

More Details - If you don't need SSL certificate help, here's how to do it yourself.

Your website’s ssl status is a critical piece of security that Google and other browsers use to determine if your website traffic is encrypted for visitor safety. If you need ssl certificate help but are doing it yourself, here is a good overview from Google.

To take care of installing your SSL certificate yourself here are few simplified steps.

1. call to determine if your host provides a certificate for free
2. sign up for the free certificate or pay for one via your hosting platform
3. download the certificate
4. back up your website installation using your host or a backup plugin
5. install the certificate on your website via a plugin or using code
6. empty your site cache, refresh your site
7. check to see if the little padlock now appears
8. troubleshoot any issues with your host, they are usually very well-versed in installation problems

SSL certificate installations can be tricky but don’t let that stop you from getting a move on this. Don’t delay a single additional day for getting this important security update started. It is so inexpensive to have someone help you and every time someone sees a security warning while trying to enter your website you can lose credibility, the customer or both. We’re fast, but at the mercy of your host and it’s certificate program, so the sooner you reach out the better.